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Ready, Vet, Go

Every one of us has a unique and interesting origin story that informs how we practice. I became a veterinarian because I wanted to connect with people. Yes, that’s right! I’ve worked in practice for 20 years and the joy I feel every day is largely due to the relationships I have with my co-workers and pet parents. I also was fortunate to have incredible mentors early in my career who helped me become the veterinarian I am today.  I built Ready, Vet, Go based on my love for this profession, and as a way to provide the next generation with the same tools that helped me thrive – excellent mentorship, alongside practical tools to ease the transition from school into practice.  When you have this kind of support from experienced mentors who have been where you are, and who help guide you as you tap into your own knowledge and wisdom, you can really grow and thrive in your career.

Listen to The Bend Podcast with Dr. Dani Rabwin and hear about the origin, philosophy and growth of Ready, Vet, Go.


We believe that veterinary practices and new veterinarians can build strong, collaborative and long-lasting relationships. New and early career vets face so many challenges in their first few years, from a lack of confidence and time-management issues, to having difficult conversations with clients and becoming a leader within their practice. Ready, Vet, Go will help them overcome these challenges.

Ready, Vet, Go helps veterinary practices provide support that often can’t be provided during in-house clinical mentorship programs. We help support your new associates, building strong, long-lasting professional relationships.

At Ready, Vet, Go we teach new and early career vets how to take an active role in their mentorship. They set their own learning goals and take control of their growth, which increases confidence and creates life-long learners.

We are committed to improving the day-to-day experiences of new and early career vets; helping them build a community of support to reduce burnout, improve retention and increase the joy that will ensure the future and well-being of our profession.

why is it so important to build a diverse mentorship program

It’s no secret that there is a lack of diversity in the veterinary profession. Fortunately, the demographics of veterinary students are changing, with around 25% of vet students now from an underrepresented or minority background. This is a positive step in the right direction and to provide the kind of support that all of our mentees need, it is imperative that we are intentional about diversity on Our Team. We, at Ready Vet Go, are committed to building a diverse and dynamic team of mentors that bring a variety of life experiences to their work. In this way, we strengthen the profession for vets, pets and pet parents.

We are committed to cultivating a culture of respect and inclusion for everyone in the Ready, Vet, Go community and the many people we interact with every day. In our mission to build a diverse community of support for new vets, we listen more than we speak. We practice curiosity instead of dogma. We are learning more than we are teaching. In these ways, we grow together, and we create something that is bigger and stronger than the sum of its parts.

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