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Veterinary Mentorship Elevated

Ready, Vet, Go

We provide veterinary practices and new vets a successful path to a collaborative and long-term relationship; ensuring the future and well-being of our profession.

Those first few years in clinical practice can be challenging and messy!

Dr. Dani and the Ready, Vet, Go Mentorship Program for New Veterinary Graduates will give you the extra support you need and deserve. This program equips you with skills you didn’t learn in veterinary school, so you can become a confident, valued member of the veterinary team and build a lasting and successful career. Veterinary practices that support their new veterinarians through the Ready, Vet, Go Mentorship Program enjoy increased productivity and staff retention and a positive practice culture that benefits the entire team.

Why Ready, Vet, Go

Practice Owners/Managers

For Practice Owners

Helping your practice attract, hire, mentor, and retain new veterinary graduates.

Veterinary Graduates

For Veterinary Graduates

Supporting you in feeling confident so you can have job satisfaction, increased productivity, and decreased burnout.

Experienced Vets/Future Mentors

For Experienced Vets/Future Mentors

Helping you find renewed joy and growth in your profession by providing you with a framework to support and mentor new veterinary graduates.

The Ready, Vet, Go Mentorship Program for New Grads and Early Career Veterinarians

A powerful 6-month program that combines self-paced online learning with live monthly meetings led by an experienced mentor. New veterinarians will learn to take an active role in their mentorship and will become more confident, valued and productive members of their practice. Topics include Communication, Time Management, Practice Culture, and more. Click the links below to learn more about the program and check out our free sample course!

Here’s What People are Saying About Working with Dani

Veterinary mentorship, elevated

How the Program works


Online Modules

Weekly topics with interactive tools that can be completed at the participant’s own pace over 6 months


Group Coaching

Six monthly remote group meetings with guest speakers related to the module topics


Bimonthly “pack” Meetings

Twice monthly small peer group mentor-led meetings.


Unlimited Communication

Free 1 year membership in the RVG Community! A dynamic online forum full of peer support, monthly live events, guest speakers, CE, and more


Race Approved

Now RACE-Approved for 12 Hours of Continuing Education.