The Ready, Vet, Go Veterinary Mentorship Frequently Asked Questions 

Interested in elevating your veterinary career or outsourcing your practice’s mentorship program? Unsure how it all works? Check out the answers to our most commonly asked questions. 

General FAQ

Do I have to be a new grad to receive mentorship?

Although all experience levels are welcome, new graduates and early-career veterinarians (i.e., those with up to three years of experience) will benefit the most from the program. We have also had practice managers and clinical directors participate in the program alongside their new associates and have found the experience extremely valuable.

How long is the program?

The Ready, Vet, Go Mentorship Program is 6 months long. Graduates of the program will also receive a bonus six months of membership in our online private community (for a full year total).

How does the program work?

The program is fully remote and has live and asynchronous components for maximum convenience and flexibility. Our online learning platform provides access to the six learning modules as well as associated materials, tools, and resources. Live course components include our interactive monthly and bimonthly virtual meetings (via Zoom) as well as our private online community for unlimited communication and peer support.

How does the online learning platform work?

The online learning platform provides access to the six modules containing two self-directed videos and various downloadable tools to help you apply the lesson in daily practice.

Program participants will also enjoy a video library with real exam room videos so new grads can see a variety of cases in action, including wellness visits, sick visits, and complicated client discussions.

What topics are covered in the six learning modules?

Each topic is designed to address the most common challenges facing new grads. They include:


  • Client communication
  • Time management
  • Practice culture
  • Specific stressors (and how to avoid them)
  • Preventing burnout
  • Financial wellness
What else is included with membership?

Along with the six learning modules, corresponding resources, and regular mentor-led virtual gatherings, membership includes:

  • Mentee skills training course — Before we dive into the modules, mentees enjoy a brief mini-course to help them maximize their learning potential.
  • The Vet’s Success Journal – Every participant will receive this hardbound journal as a space to record their thoughts, document their “wins,” and track all those exciting “firsts” in practice. This semi-guided journal also contains important wellness tips, healthy recipes, and meal planners to help mentees learn and practice self-care.
  • Personal meeting with a financial advisor — As part of the financial wellness module, every participant receives a free 30-minute consultation with a financial advisor.
  • Community support — Access to our online private community, where new grads can develop relationships and support each other through their early clinical experiences and beyond.
  • Extended Membership in the RVG Community — a bonus six months of membership in our online private community (for a full year total) of community support, monthly live “Ask Me Anything” events with our guest mentors, monthly live and on-demand RACE approved webinars and access to our full on-demand CE library! 
How much does the program cost?

Individual membership is $3,500 for six months of remote learning and access to course materials.

Please contact us for group or corporate membership pricing.

Veterinary Graduate FAQ

What can participants expect from monthly Q&A meetings?

Each monthly Q&A meeting is devoted to one of the six learning modules. The mentor-led discussion will include a review of the material and an opportunity to share personal experiences, ask questions, and explore the content’s real-world applications. Some meetings will also feature a guest speaker who can provide further insight or expert knowledge on the topic.

What can participants expect from bimonthly “pack” meetings?

Our bimonthly (12 total) pack meetings provide mentor-led small-group workshops and intimate peer group support. Unlike the larger monthly meetings, these gatherings are small—no more than three mentees—and are an opportunity to dive deep into any topics of our program participant’s choice (e.g., medical cases, nuances of client communication, or real-life challenges in practice).

These small meetings are a participant favorite—lots of growth and learning takes place in these close-knit groups!

How many hours of live mentorship can I expect to receive?

Participants who are able to attend the live virtual pack meetings can expect to enjoy 20 hours of mentorship. Without live attendance, mentees can expect to receive 8 hours of mentorship.

Will I receive CE after completing the course?

Ready, Vet, Go is RACE approved for 12 hours of continuing education credit, which will be awarded upon completion.

Practice Owner/Administrator FAQ

Why should veterinary practices outsource their mentorship programs?

In today’s busy practice, it’s nearly impossible to give new graduates the comprehensive mentorship they need and deserve. And this inadequate support leads to decreased job satisfaction and higher new associate turnover—30% of new grads leave their first job within one year, and only 30% remain after five years. Unsurprisingly, lack of mentorship is the number one reason cited for leaving.

Having Ready, Vet, Go as part of your onboarding suite will help you recruit and retain the best recent veterinary graduates. We do the work for you, so you and your associates can continue doing what you do best; practice veterinary medicine.

How can Ready, Vet, Go help with recruitment?

New grad mentorship is the most critical non-monetary feature of employment. In today’s competitive market, practices need a way to stand out from the competition. New grads want mentorship. Job ads frequently say “mentorship provided,” but what does this mean? Being able to say “mentorship provided with Ready, Vet, Go, a 6-month RACE-approved formal mentorship program,” shows that you value mentorship and have an actual program in place.

Do you offer group or corporate memberships?

Yes! Group and corporate memberships are a great way to ensure all of your new associates receive a consistent and reliable mentorship experience. Contact us to discuss our tiered membership packages and determine what works best for your group.

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