[Dallas, TX – April 29, 2024]CityVet, the well-respected network of 36 veterinarian-owned practices serving people through pet care with kindness for the last 25 years, proudly announces its partnership with Ready, Vet, Go, a transformative mentorship program designed to empower new and early-career veterinarians.

With a shared commitment to fostering growth and resilience within the veterinary profession, this collaboration aims to provide unparalleled support for early career veterinarians.

Ready, Vet, Go is dedicated to supporting collaborative and enduring relationships between veterinarians and their practices within the profession. Recognizing the myriad of challenges faced by new veterinarians, from time-management to client communication, Ready, Vet, Go offers a structured seven-month mentorship program. This program empowers participants with the skills and confidence needed to navigate their early years in practice. 

CityVet has integrated Ready, Vet, Go’s mentorship program into its onboarding process, ensuring that every new veterinarian joining the CityVet family receives the opportunity to participate. CityVet’s new veterinarians can gain access to the additional layer of support provided by this program, working alongside the already robust mentorship framework that CityVet was founded upon.

“Our partnership with Ready, Vet, Go underscores CityVet’s unwavering commitment to supporting the next generation of veterinary professionals,” says Dr. Dennis Horter, Chief Operating Officer of CityVet. “By combining our resources, we’re ensuring that new veterinarians not only have the knowledge to practice veterinary medicine, but also the confidence and resilience to navigate the complexities of our profession. At CityVet, we recognize that mentorship fosters growth, fosters a sense of community, and ultimately elevates the standard of care for the patients we serve.” 

Ready, Vet, Go offers a comprehensive approach to mentorship, with a blend of live meetings and self-paced online learning. Ready, Vet, Go has a diverse panel of mentors, each boasting over a decade of clinical and leadership experience. These seasoned professionals serve as guides and cheerleaders, offering invaluable insights and fostering a supportive environment for growth.  

Dr. Christine Deeke, Lead Veterinarian at CityVet – Frisco, attests to the transformative impact of Ready, Vet, Go’s program. “Ready, Vet, Go equips new grads with the tools needed for success,” says Dr. Deeke. “I’ve participated in various initiatives aimed at recent graduates, and without a doubt, Ready Vet Go stands out as the sole program that not only instills a sense of empowerment in new graduates but also equips them with the necessary tools for success in their inaugural year and beyond. Their modules are informative, engaging, and tailored to address the real-world challenges veterinarians encounter daily.” 

Dr. Dani Rabwin, Founder of Ready, Vet, Go, also expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration: “CityVet’s dedication to mentorship aligns perfectly with our mission at Ready, Vet, Go. With partnerships like this one, we’re not only shaping the future of veterinary medicine but also fostering a supportive community where veterinarians can thrive.” 

Rabwin continues, “Our program offers a ‘safe island’, where students can openly discuss challenges that they may face, as well as collaborate on solutions and empower them to lead the way in overcoming those obstacles.”   

In addition to the mentorship program, the RVG community hosts events and Continuing Education webinars open to all veterinary professionals, further enriching the learning experience and promoting collaboration within the industry. 

On May 6, 2024, at 07:00 PM CT, mark your calendars for a dynamic panel discussion hosted by Ready Vet Go in collaboration with CityVet. This event will feature a lively exchange between veterinary students and seasoned practice owners, offering invaluable insights for DVM students, new grads, and practice leaders looking to welcome students and new grads into their practice. The panelists include Dr. Eddie M. Robinson, a seasoned mentor and dermatology specialist with over three decades of experience in surgery and clinic culture development; Dr. Erin Tate, Vice President of Clinical Development at CityVet, boasting more than 20 years of practice ownership and management expertise; Sharleen Vargas Godoy, a dedicated second-year vet student at the University of Florida, deeply immersed in zoological medicine and aspiring to become a board-certified zoological veterinarian; and Brady Martin, a Vet Student Ambassador for CityVet and soon-to-graduate DVM from Oklahoma State University, eager to contribute fresh perspectives from his academic and practical training to his upcoming role at CityVet-Las Colinas. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to glean personalized advice from seasoned panelists. Interested participants can register through the event link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/9817135348490/WN_2Haita4HQYOgwvlHJjDO9Q#/registration

CityVet’s partnership with Ready, Vet, Go exemplifies its commitment to excellence in pet care and professional development. By investing in mentorship and support for new veterinarians, CityVet continues to elevate the standard of care for beloved animal companions. 

For more information about CityVet, visit www.cityvet.com

About CityVet:  

CityVet is a leading network of 36 veterinary-owned practices with headquarters in Dallas, TX. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Chip Cannon with the mission to create client-centered, quality pet care. CityVet is rapidly growing with clinics in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Denver, that provide vet care, boarding, grooming, and healthy pet foods. For more information, please visit www.cityvet.com

About Ready, Vet, Go: 

Ready, Vet, Go is a remote mentorship program and community designed to empower new and early career veterinarians, helping them thrive, find joy in their profession, and foster growth through connection. With its emphasis on curiosity and professional development, Ready, Vet, Go works alongside in-clinic mentoring programs to provide tailored support, helping veterinarians become happy, productive members of their team. Learn more at www.readyvetgo.co


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