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In an ever-expanding world of online educational content and virtual training platforms, many of which provide only surface-level content and a user experience that equates to a long-distance relationship, no one can be blamed for wondering how a remote mentorship program such as Ready, Vet, Go can provide the support and guidance new veterinarians want and need. 

The short answer—design and focus.

While Ready, Vet, Go can be an effective sole mentorship source, it’s intended to partner with and complement existing in-house programs. So, let’s unpack that idea and explore the role of remote mentorship—and specifically Ready, Vet, Go—in practice.

Learning isn’t linear or immediate 

Although direct supervision and coaching while performing a new surgical technique or talking through a challenging case that’s on the exam table have clear advantages, not all learning needs to occur in the moment. In fact, because remote mentorship removes the constraints of time and appointment schedules, new veterinarians are provided with the perfect “space” for tackling the larger issues, such as navigating difficult conversations with clients and leadership, time management, and fitting in with practice culture. These challenges can be nebulous and nuanced, and benefit from additional time, perspectives, and discussion. Regularly revisiting these issues in a safe space and learning from peers whose experiences may have a slightly different context can reassure remote mentees, protect their confidence, and lead to more rapid success.

Community-based learning and support

The lone new or recent veterinary school graduate in a practice can feel lonely and isolated, es

pecially if they have relocated for their first clinical role and lost the immediacy and comfort of the vet school network. Ready, Vet, Go prioritizes a community-centered approach to learning with a mix of large- and small-group learning, as well as an all-community forum for current and graduate RVG mentees. Through regular meetings, mentor-led discussions, and one-on-one communications, mentees make deep and powerful connections with their peers and respected veterinary mentors that rival—or surpass—in-person networking. Program graduates cite this dynamic community and their shared experiences as one of their favorite aspects of the remote mentorship experience. 

Targeted lessons and tools 

Time and money are limited resources, especially during a new veterinarian’s first years, so Ready, Vet, Go content focuses on topics and skills that veterinary school does not cover. Rather than rehashing old concepts or replicating technical training better left to hands-on opportunities, our learning modules address critical but unaddressed areas, such as:

  • Client communication
  • Time management
  • Practice culture
  • Burnout prevention
  • Navigating common stressors
  • Financial wellness

Because new veterinarians face many of these challenges daily, mentees can immediately apply their newfound knowledge and skills. A library of tools and resources to optimize hands-on learning and their daily workflow is also available.

Asynchronous format provides maximum flexibility 

Although live participation in virtual mentoring sessions is expected, asynchronous learning modules allow busy new and early career veterinarians to study at their own pace and time that suits their individual needs, schedules, and learning styles. While learning always requires a certain degree of personal and financial investment, remote mentorship’s flexibility can increase user value by ensuring the program is practical, convenient, and achievable.

Remote mentors provide depth of knowledge and insight

Remote mentorship connects early career veterinarians with established mentors from a diverse range of professional backgrounds and perspectives. This extended network helps mentees broaden their understanding of common clinical and personal challenges in veterinary medicine and increases their exposure to unique or uncommon situations, providing opportunities for discussion, exploration, and problem-solving.

To ensure mentee success, Ready, Vet, Go veterinary mentors must have at least 10 years of clinical experience and professional leadership experience. Applicants who meet this criteria are carefully reviewed and hand selected to ensure program attendees enjoy a high-quality learning experience and a supportive and engaging community. 

In addition, Ready, Vet, Go mentees enjoy regular interactions with guest speakers, including financial advisors, industry thought leaders, well-being coaches, and efficiency experts. 

Bridging the gap: Merging in-person and remote mentorship

When remote mentorship complements an established in-house program, early career veterinarians enjoy a comprehensive mentorship experience that blends technical training and onboarding with the soft skills necessary to build a successful, rewarding, and physically, emotionally, and financially sustainable career. Balancing these two learning areas also decreases common early career stressors and insecurities, and replaces uncertainty with confidence as new graduates navigate unexpected challenges with the collective knowledge and insight their mentors and fellow veterinary peers have provided.

Remote veterinary mentorship is more than another online educational offering. Ready, Vet, Go Veterinary Mentorship provides the critical—but often untaught—skills to begin, grow, and sustain a satisfying and successful veterinary career and elevates the traditional mentorship experience by emphasizing interpersonal connections, collaboration, and community, and providing the highest caliber veterinary mentors dedicated to uplifting the next generation of veterinarians. 

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