Dr. Eddie Robinson – Ready, Vet, Go Mentor

When I launched Ready, Vet, Go, I knew that providing and sustaining exceptional veterinary mentorship would require setting well-defined and selective criteria for future mentors. 

Job requirements: Beyond the resume

While many in our industry enjoy helping new associates on their journey, few possess the experience, depth of knowledge, and ability to share that knowledge with others, as well as the personality traits, such as patience, warmth, and benevolent leadership, that are essential for creating the supportive, collaborative learning environment that defines Ready, Vet, Go.

Candidates who meet our strict minimum requirements—10-plus years of experience as a veterinarian in clinical practice and a leader in the profession—are carefully vetted, interviewed, and hand-selected by yours truly to ensure a consistent, high-quality mentee experience. 

To illustrate the collective wisdom and generosity of our mentors, we’re digging deeper than their professional bios. Here, we present their take on mentorship, the future of the profession, and insights into their style through the eyes of their mentees.

Dr. Dani Rabwin, Ready, Vet, Go founder

For Dr. Dani, mentorship is all about preparing new veterinarians for sustainable, rewarding,  with support, encouragement, practical skills, and a safe place to learn among peers navigating similar challenges. “That’s why I love this feedback from a recent mentee,” she says:

Dr. Dani created an honest and vulnerable space for us to be ourselves and feel open enough to share good and bad experiences without judgment. She is a very kind and celebratory mentor—and you can tell that she’s just an overall fantastic person.”

Dr. Lauren Geiger

Dr. Lauren is one of Ready, Vet, Go’s earliest mentors. She has extensive professional achievements, including experience as an associate, medical director of a large corporation, and now a relief veterinarian and business owner serving multiple states, and provides mentees with unique insights and real-life examples.

Dr. Lauren’s mentee had this to say about their time together:Dr. Geiger did an amazing job at helping us, acting as a colleague/friend, while also maintaining the leadership role as a mentor. She is down-to-earth and realistic and always has useful information to share with our group.

Dr. Jeff Klemens

When asked to share what he loves about mentoring, Dr. Jeff says, “It feels right. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing—providing something that wasn’t available for me as a young clinician.”

Fortunately for Dr. Jeff and his future mentees, that young clinician evolved into an accomplished veterinarian and insightful mentor. “Doing anything for almost two decades gives one a perspective that only time and experience can provide,he quips. “Five years of ER work followed by six years of full-time solo relief practice exposed me to the breadth of what small animal clinical practice has to offer, including experience with a wide variety of clientele along different socioeconomic ladders and in a variety of practice settings.”  

Dr. Julie Liu

For Dr. Julie, an accomplished relief veterinarian, freelancer, and speaker, the mentorship experience has been mutually beneficial. “Mentorship is essential for early career vets, and mentoring through Ready, Vet Go has also been personally and professionally fulfilling,” she says. 

I’ve loved getting to know my mentees in a small group setting,” Dr. Julie shares, “and the monthly topics provide a good format to reflect upon my own experiences and provide [the mentees with] focused guidance. I’ve also learned some great tips from the modules and my mentees, and been able to sharpen my leadership skills by facilitating group discussions.”

Dr. Jovanna Radillo

The scope of Dr. Jovanna’s professional journey as a veterinarian and a mentor is matched only by her boundless generosity and compassion. Dr. Jovanna loves leading groups and sharing her knowledge with learners of all ages and backgrounds. Her dedication to supporting young veterinarians and natural ability to connect with others has quickly made her an incredible advocate and spokeswoman for Ready, Vet, Go!

Time and again, Dr. Jovanna’s mentees report finding immense value in her wisdom and gentle guidance. “She was very helpful, easy to talk to, and fun! [Dr. Jovanna] even went the extra mile to help me after our pack meetings were over.”

Mentor Dr. Eddie Robinson advising the veterinary team.

Dr. Eddie Robinson

“Dr. Eddie has been giving great advice, and we have really nice conversations.”

– Dr. Eddie’s pack mentee

Ready, Vet, Go mentees love Dr. Eddie, who has 15 years of technical college teaching experience, plus clinical accomplishments as an associate veterinarian, practice owner, and medical director. Dr. Eddie brings his educator’s generosity and clinician’s expertise to his Ready, Vet, Go mentee groups. “I love to share my knowledge and experience with my mentees,” he says, “and I hope that it benefits them in various areas as they navigate the waters of private practice.” 

Anyone can give advice or share their experience, but true mentorship—the kind that positively shapes careers for long-term growth and success—is more than providing answers or solutions. For me, it’s about that magic that happens when a mentor’s experience is distilled down in a single moment, as they gently, patiently provide a nonjudgemental insight that unlocks a new depth of understanding, a fresh perspective that lights up the mentee—almost from the inside out—with possibility and heightened awareness.

These moments don’t come from simply putting in time behind the exam or surgery table, they’re the culmination of a mentor’s rich professional and personal experiences, the wisdom and maturity of knowing there’s more than one “right way,” and the humility of knowing that learning is an endless journey—but one that’s better when it’s shared. This ability to connect with mentees from all walks of life, in such a resonant way, is what separates a teacher from a mentor.    

To learn more about our mentors, including those we have not featured, visit our team page. For more information about Ready, Vet, Go Veterinary Mentorship, check out our FAQ page or get in touch with our team!

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