The Ready, Vet, Go Mentorship Program for New Veterinary Graduates equips professionals with skills not learned in school but necessary for long, successful careers

OAKLAND, CA — Ready, Vet, Go, the veterinary profession’s newest and most robust mentorship program for new veterinary graduates, officially launched on May 2, 2022. Its first cohort is a group of eight veterinary professionals from four different VetnCare hospitals in the Bay Area.

Veterinary school equips aspiring veterinarians with the skills required to successfully diagnose, treat, and care for their animal patients. But many new veterinarians struggle with the skills not comprehensively covered during school, including client communication, time management, practice culture, team dynamics, veterinary-specific stressors, financial management, and more.

The Ready, Vet, Go Mentorship Program for New Veterinary Graduates fills the gap. It helps veterinary professionals successfully transition from school to practice, so they can more quickly become confident, valued members of the veterinary team.

“After working as a veterinarian for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen far too many great veterinarians burn out and leave the profession,” said Dani Rabwin, DVM, founder, and CEO of Ready, Vet, Go. “I think so much of that burnout can be avoided by more adequately preparing new veterinarians for what happens after graduation as they enter the workforce and face unique challenges unrelated to their medical training.”

Ready, Vet, Go is a six-month online learning program consisting of six video modules, 28 interactive tools, and community components, including live monthly group coaching sessions with Dr. Rabwin. Those who join at the VIP level will also receive one-on-one coaching from Dr. Rabwin. Program participants will learn how to:

  • Accelerate their confidence and quickly build trust with clients
  • Effectively manage their time
  • Find their place of value in the practice
  • Handle the biggest veterinary-specific stressors
  • Prevent burnout and create a sustainable healthy career
  • Optimize their finances
  • And much more

“I’ve been informally mentoring new graduates for so long, and I’m excited to launch this program so more new veterinarians can start their careers on the right foot,” Dr. Rabwin said. “So many practices are desperate for vets, yet they are reluctant to hire new graduates because they’re too busy to provide adequate mentorship. That’s where I come in. When you have direct access to this level of mentoring, with someone who understands exactly what you’re going through, you avoid the rookie mistakes, and you start your journey as a veterinarian the right way.”

The next Ready, Vet, Go session begins June 15, 2022. Veterinary students or recent graduates looking for support, as well as practice owners and managers hoping to provide new hires with the support they need, can learn more about Ready, Vet, Go at

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