When clients decline gold standard treatment, new grads can feel like they’ve let down their patients—especially if the pet is critical or the treatment would be curative.
Of course, this is natural. After years of honing their diagnostic skills and learning the correct—if somewhat inflexible—method for formulating a plan and treating various conditions, new veterinarians can struggle when clients disapprove. In fact, it can even feel like a personal confrontation, disbelief in their skills, or worse—total apathy toward the pet.

Help new grads build confidence, empathy, and problem-solving skills by reinforcing the idea that the gold standard isn’t the only standard. Clients may reject textbook-precise treatment for numerous reasons that are not strictly financial—and are hardly ever about the veterinarian. Encourage young associates to see declined estimates as a challenge—one that dares them to connect with their clients by asking them questions, reexamining their priorities, and finding the “Why” behind their “No.”

This approach helps new grads avoid taking rejection personally and ensures the pet still receives excellent care, while building client trust and loyalty.

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